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Expanded Fleet and Personnel Prepare Rainy River for Underground Production 

New Gold’s Rainy River Mine remains on track to achieve initial production of the underground Main Zone in the fourth quarter of 2024. The advancement of underground development activity is underway, as crews work to reach the Main Zone beneath the pit. In order to meet the underground development needs, additional equipment is required. The first wave of new equipment includes a 45-tonne haul truck, larger scoop, development bolter, development backhoe, and two new light vehicles, all of which are scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2024. The Cementation operations team has continued to grow to utilize the new equipment. New underground personnel have been undergoing comprehensive site orientations and existing employees are receiving training in the operation of the new equipment to ensure safe and efficient production. 

As activities increase underground, the Rainy River Mine is expanding its technical services team on surface to help support increased production. Two new engineers-in-training have begun their first rotations at the underground office and will contribute to the team by completing designs to support operations. In addition, a student will join the department as part of New Gold’s Co-op Program to assist the team and gain work experience. Expanding the underground and technical services teams and ensuring the required equipment is in place are essential steps in preparing the Rainy River Mine for the increased production and success of the future.