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Groundwater Monitoring at Rainy River

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Groundwater sampling is conducted three times a year from wells located on and around the Rainy River Mine site. The purpose of groundwater sampling is to ensure groundwater levels and quality around the Rainy River Mine remain constant and project activities do not impact groundwater quantity and quality. Sampling a well includes the following steps:

  • Measurement of the water level in the well. This is completed using a water level measuring tape /device which is lowered down the well water is encountered. This level is recorded and compared to previous water level measurements for monitoring purposes. Data loggers, a device affixed within most wells, are also used to keep a daily record of the water table in each well. 
  • Empty any stagnant water. This allows fresh water to flow into the well. The well water is then sampled and sent for testing at an accredited independent analytical laboratory. The results from testing are compared against previous sampling events to maintain water quality criteria for each well.