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Joining the Team at Rainy River Mine

In February, the Rainy River Mine held a Hiring Blitz recruitment event, building on what has become a highly successful and beneficial regular practice for both New Gold and the local communities.  

This event opens the door for people looking for entry-level positions such as administrators, construction operators or labourers, and has shown to be one of New Gold’s most successful methods of recruiting new team members. While new employees may not need prior experience depending on the role, prospective employees should possess a strong work ethic and value safety above all else. 

Combined with New Gold’s comprehensive training program tailored to specific positions, successful applicants quickly upskill and in turn can build successful mining careers. While these new skills benefit both employees and New Gold, they are also transferable, enabling the employee to take those skills beyond the Rainy River Mine to contribute to the social and economic prosperity of the region and their communities. 

New Gold strives to embrace diversity at every stage of our recruitment process. We recognize that while there is still much work to do to reduce barriers, we are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion across New Gold. This includes reducing barriers to employment for Indigenous communities.  

In 2023, similar events saw on average approximately fifty people come through the doors at each event. Of the 74 people that attended the event in February, two-thirds were interviews, and a third of those individuals have received an employment offer at the Rainy River Mine. 

One of those recruited in our summer 2023 event was Vidya Swaminathan, who joined the Rainy River Mine as a Supply Chain Assistant. As a relative newcomer to Canada and a graduate in Business Administration with over twenty years of experience, she has happily settled into a role that she says perfectly fits her skills and qualifications. While attending the event, she enjoyed the respect and care shown to the attendees.  

 “I love everything about Rainy River. Even the challenges are rewarding, as I find them educational and a chance to develop more skills”. 

Vidya Swaminathan

These events also provide an opportunity for leaders from various departments to collaborate and work together as New Gold continues to enhance the talented and skilled team at the Rainy River Mine.