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Mine Rescue Team Expansion Further Enhances Emergency Preparedness

At New Gold, our highest priority remains the health and safety of all who work at our operations, and the ongoing expansion of Rainy River’s underground Mine Rescue team is a demonstration of that commitment. Following an introductory course in November 2023 which added seven members to the roster, a second intake in early 2024 is expected to bring in additional interest. As more members from varied operational and technical roles join Mine Rescue, the overall effectiveness of the team increases due to the enhanced variety of skills, experience and expertise to draw from. In addition to onboarding new members, the Mine Rescue team will benefit from the construction of the new Mine Rescue substation currently underway. This substation is located closer to the underground mine than the original facility and will further improve emergency response time. The substation can accommodate the expanding Mine Rescue team and equipment as well as provide a space for training. In the event of an underground emergency, the new substation will provide a control room from which Mine Rescue teams can suit up and be dispatched to respond to the call.

“The readiness and availability of a well-trained and equipped Emergency Response team is important,” said Justin Borger, Mine Trainer with Rainy River Mine. “It ensures a swift and effective response to unforeseen crises, minimizing potential harm and safeguarding lives and property.”

Throughout the year, the Rainy River Mine Rescue team participates in courses and training to improve emergency response skills and key competencies, including hands-on training. Most recently, Mine Rescue team members were taken through a refresher course on rappelling and had the opportunity to train with rappelling equipment and practice multiple emergency scenarios. With the ongoing development of Rainy River’s underground mine, New Gold is committed to ensuring a robust and well-trained emergency response team is ready and evolving to meet the current and future needs of the mine.