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Underground Exploration Drilling Program

The Geological Department at the Rainy River mine is busier than ever as they perform 2024 exploration drilling. Over the past several months, a diamond drill and crew of operators arrived on site and began drilling in the Intrepid, Gap, and Main zones. The exploration drilling will provide valuable core samples for the geological team to analyze and gather information. The core samples are intended to allow the geologists to build a better understanding of how the ore deposit behaves by revealing important characteristics such as gold grade and thickness. These key parameters are expected to help the geology team refine their plan for extracting the ore as mining continues.

Part of the program at Rainy River includes exploration drilling in the Intrepid Zone below 300mL. As the development of the Intrepid Zone ramp continues downward, the drill will continue to move to deeper locations to gain more information. Once drilling in the Intrepid Zone is complete, the geological team has plans for exploration drilling in the Main Zone beneath the open pit. The Intrepid and Main Zones at the Rainy River mine are already well defined and long-term plans for mining these zones exist already. The Gap Zone on the other hand – the area underground that separates the Intrepid and Main Zone ore bodies – has not yet been explored and presents an area of exciting potential for the project. Therefore, the geological team has additional exploration drilling planned in the Gap Zone in hopes of better understanding its potential in the years ahead.