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Women in Resources Mentoring Program

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International Women in Mining (IWiM) is a leading global organization pursuing gender equality and promoting women’s voices, access to opportunities and leadership in mining. IWiM offers a global cross-company mentoring program for women in mining called International Women in Resources Mentoring Program (IWRMP). The program was developed to actively empower women in the mining sector by providing mentees with opportunities to accelerate their all-round professional growth. 

New Gold is a sponsor of the mentoring program. Carla Harrison from the Rainy River Mine is one of five New Gold participants in IWRMP 2021 program. Carla has been with Rainy River since 2016 and works with the Mining Department to drive business improvement and optimization initiatives.

“The opportunity to become an industry leader and contribute towards the establishment of a more diverse and fair mining industry has been made possible through this mentoring initiative. I look forward to making my mark and to contributing to a more inclusive environment for myself and fellow women in mining.”

Carla Harrison, Business Improvement Specialist