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Rainy River Mine Rescue Competition

Having a Mine Rescue Team that is well-equipped and capable of responding to site emergencies is a vital component of a safe and healthy mine site. Our teams across New Gold at both Rainy River and New Afton mines spend countless hours ensuring their equipment is maintained, keeping their skills top-notch, and training for many different scenarios. 

This May, Rainy River’s Mine Rescue Team competed at the Thunder Bay District Mine Rescue Competition in Fort Frances. The competition featured various scenarios that tested the team’s competencies in firefighting, first aid, underground mine rescue and specialty equipment. 2023 marked Rainy River’s third time competing. While the team didn’t secure a win and earn a spot in the provincial competition, their performance was a testament to the countless hours of hard work and dedication from each member. Being part of the Mine Rescue Team is a significant commitment that often means time away from families and loved ones to train, respond to emergencies and participate in events like this. 

A number of New Gold employees and Company leadership watched the competition alongside community spectators at the Memorial Sports Complex in Fort Frances.  

Top row left to right: Captain Justin Borger, Brad Robinson, Graham Cumming, Hannah Marcotte, Vice-Captain Jamie Carlson, Tyler Venerus, Bottom row left to right:  Briefing Officer Lute Calder, Technician Scott Asselin, Ashley Johnston, Coach/Trainer Jarid Sandelovich.
Photo: Summer Media Studio